We believe that search is the essential 21st century skill. Developing search literacy in students should be the priority of the entire school and community. Teachers and students need the ability to effectively mine for information using search engines, search strategies, and tools such as yolink. Additionally, it is important for them to critically evaluate and validate information.


We encourage schools and universities to help their students and faculty develop 21st century search skills. To support this process, we've assembled resources from Creative Commons, and Google. All materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license. You're encouraged to share and non-commercially distribute this content as long as you give attribution to the original sources.


yolink installation guide

With yolink, students will become more efficient online researchers. This document includes instructions on downloading and installing yolink and will support the integration of yolink into your classroom, library, and school. It also includes a list of resources containing yolink collateral, lessons, and demos.

From Search to Find: yolink mini lessons

Search to Find contains classroom activities and examples to help students understand the search process from planning through execution. From Search to Find also includes valuable background information on how yolink works and why yolink helps improve the search process.

In Search of Things

In Search of Things - a new search literacy curriculum for students grades 9-12 developed by Stanford University researchers and Esther Wojcicki, chairperson of Creative Commons' Board of Directors.