About yolink

Too Much Searching. Not Enough Finding.

Spending every day searching for specific information online becomes more and more difficult, not to mention time consuming. Websites bombard you with images, links, icons, and advertising before you even get a chance to view the site's main content and search sites aren't any better. They display rows upon rows of links only for you to realize that after endless clicking, you still can't find what you're looking for.

Take Google for example. How often do you venture onto page 31 of your search results? Hardly ever right? That's because most of us are under the impression that relevant information is displayed on the first few search pages. But that isn't always the case.

yolink To The Rescue

Thanks to yolink, it doesn't matter if the information you need is on page 2 or page 102, or if it's behind the 1st or 100th link. What matters is that you find it and find it fast. yolink quickly scans search results, e-books, online documents, and web sites using key words, quotes, and word relationships to find what you are looking for. What would probably take you hours now takes yolink only seconds.

yolink was created to streamline the search process, completely. Considered the web's first genuine 'find tool', it essentially finds the information you would have never found before. And it does it faster than you can say Google.

For more information about yolink technology, including yolink APIs, visit www.yolink.com.

Easily integrate yolink into your classroom

Download one of our many sample lesson plans for a variety of grade levels. Or start with the yolink mini lessons focusing on understanding the search process and how yolink works.

Looking for yolink video tutorials?

Visit the yolink YouTube channel for example videos as well as tutorials ranging from using yolink with Google Docs to how the yolink add-on functions differently on Chrome.

What the Education Community is saying:

  • "yolink is my online research assistant. It helps me find relevant links within large amounts of text and deep links within search results.

    Best of all, it helps me stay organized by keeping found things found. By using its share and save features, I will always be able to give proper attribution and be a resource to others".

    Angela Maiers

    Maiers Eductional Services

  • "It's an exciting time in education. We have free, powerful, easy to use tools to give students opportunities to contribute content to the class and the World. yolink is one of these such tools. It is essential that we provide our youth with powerful tools and experiences across the curriculum. Adding yolink as part of our research tool box is a must".

    Alan November

    Founder November Learning

  • "From the first time I saw yolink in use, I knew it would be a very useful and time saving tool for the faculty and students at my school. The amount of time spent searching for useful educational sites is reduced drastically with the help of Yolink. I demonstrated it for our faculty and many teachers installed Yolink instantly and were very eager to use it!"

    Cindy Brock

    Lower Elementary Technology Coach